Our Services

Drop - In

The Drop-In Centre is open 4 days a week and offers a warm welcome and refreshments free of charge. There is a free phone, access to the internet and people available to help with problems, signpost to relevant agencies. Help is also available for form filling and job searching.

For those experiencing isolation it is a place to come to escape the four walls at home and chat to others, volunteers and staff.

Many local agencies use the Centre as a meeting point to engage with people from the local community.

Stone Community Hub can provide:

Help with the Internet and I.T Support

People to talk to



Help reducing your bills

Help with job searches

Help managing your money

An emergency food parcel

Advice on healthy living

Help filling in forms

Food Bank

Not found anywhere else in Stone and without it people would have to go to Hanley or Stafford (£5.50 bus fare).

It offers a choice of food (which avoids waste) so people can take what they will use & recipe cards to provide help and inspire confidence.

There is support to help identify the root causes leading to people needing to access the food bank and then practical help where possible to eliminate the cause (i.e help with budgeting), to avoid ongoing dependency in the future.

Where To Donate

Food is donated by the Stone community via several donation boxes in the town; boxes are located in Morrisons, Barclays Bank, Walton Co-Op and St. Dominics RC Church and of course you can always drop it in to us at The Hub.

Things we need

Tinned Meat

UHT Milk

Small Jars of Coffee


Jars of Sauce



Rice Pudding